American Harvest- marketing success

American Harvest- marketing success

American Harvest creates a commercial that introduces the farmers, explains it’s processing and packaging techniques, variety of ways to consume it, and connects it to the American dream. For a new product entering an already large established market the “American Harvest” company grasps the concepts of relating to customers and making them feel connected to the product.


Pappy Van Winkle- GREAT BOURBON

Pappy Van Winkle- GREAT BOURBON

The scarcity of this particular bourbon is what builds up all the hype and attention this particular bourbon gets. Yes, it’s delicious but there are other bourbons similar in quality and taste. The fact that only so many bottle exist is what drives it’s price up. Retail a bottle would be less than a hundred dollars…if you ever find it. At a bar a glass of Pappy’s would be way more than this. The comedy “The Internship” with Vince Vaughn and Owen Wilson has a scene where they order three glasses of Pappy’s costing them a $100 each. This is a marketing tactic which builds a brand name and creates a high demand for the product.

Marissa Mayer gives new hope to Yahoo!! Yay!!


Marissa Mayer becoming Yahoo’s new CEO isn’t just another story about another exec playing musical chairs and switching jobs.

There will be debates about whether or not Mayer is enough to save the troubled iconic company. And debates about the wisdom of her decision.

But what the press has missed so far is that this is a paradigm shift for Yahoo.

Mayer is completely out of Yahoo’s league. So far out that I’m surprised they even had the courage to approach her (although it’s possible she approached them).

But they obviously found that courage, and Mayer has taken the job.

Impossible, I would have said a week ago.

But it happened. And overnight Yahoo’s reputation will change.

At first it will just be in Silicon Valley. But as of now people won’t be ashamed to say they work at Yahoo any more. And for the last several years, they have…

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